Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lake Powell - Day Four

It's 105 degrees and we're melting. We have been on the lake on hotter days, but not by much. As it was our last day, everyone took one more try at wake boarding. Camryn is getting so close to getting up and staying up. She is very enthusiastic about trying. She gets that from Kristi, not me. Darren gave it a valient effort but claims he's retiring the board for good. Tyson doesn't like to wake board, but is a fan of the knee board. We got off the lake early and will have a nice dinner tonight along with a little rest.

Darren giving wake boarding a try.
Camry gets up, but only temporarily.

Tyson and Camryn hanging out with Bart.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lake Powell - Day Three

Apparently Tylenol wasn't enough to cure every one's discomforts from the first two days. Rather than exciting tube rides, wake boarding and cliff jumping we spent the day under the shade of our favorite West Canyon cliff, soaking our bodies in the cool water. For excitement we went to the on lake marina at Dangling Rope and got an ice cream.

A couple of picture of the boat returning from Dangling Rope.

The trip to Dangling Rope wasn't without its thrills. As we were docking the boats, our good friend Bart slipped on the dock and fell into the carp infested water.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lake Powell - Day Two

Sun burns, life vest rashes, and heat exhaustion - nothing a little Tylenol can't fix. We spent today exploring a canyon we've never been to (Navajo Canyon) and taking tube rides. Kristi was insistent that Darren, Taylor and I ride together on the tube and she proceeded to throw us around behind the boat until we were all dumped in the lake. She claims she didn't see the waves, but we know better.

Darren found a fun cliff to jump off.

Camryn tried again today to wake board. Taylor was in the water with her giving her encouragement. Having a pink wakeboard is essential for an 8 year old girl.

For the past five years, our good friends the Plantes come with us. It's comforting to come to Lake Powell in a group as you never know what trouble you'll find once out on the lake which is about 135 miles long and has thousands of side canyons to explore. Our favorite place to spend the day is West Canyon which is about 35 miles upstream from the Wahweep Marina and Glen Canyon Dam.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lake Powell - Day One

At long last we made our first trip this year to Page, AZ and Lake Powell. We arrived here on Tuesday and will spend Wednesday through Saturday on the lake (except for the evenings where we will stay in the relaxed, air-conditioned comfort of the hotel). I've never understood how anyone could camp on the lake and enjoy it. Today was over 100 degrees. We had a great day today soaking in the sun, cruising the lake, swimming, tubing, eating and wake boarding. Even Camryn gave wake boarding a try. Temperatures hit triple digits and the water was a very pleasant 78 degrees.

Kristi has always been the best skier and wake boarder in the family - so she gets her picture posted. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the rest of us in various stages of being drug through the water or crashing.

This is our boat, named the "Aquaholic".

Tyson losing a water fight.

I captured this picture of Taylor when we'd stopped for lunch. She is a wonderful daughter.

There is a great canyon wall where the boats don't drift and there is always shade. We stop here on every trip for shade, food and relaxation.

Mike would be in heaven here with his camera. We've been coming to Lake Powell for almost ten years and I never cease to be amazed by the beauty that surrounds us.

Primary Parade

Kristi and Camryn were both thrilled to take part in the annual primary parade around the neighborhood (okay mostly Camryn). Camryn loved the time with friends, baloons on her bike, riding around the block and waving to the camera. Kristi loved that it only lasted 45 minutes.

4th of July

We had big plans for the 4th of July - go to Liberty Park with a picnic to watch the fireworks, watch the WJ parade, and swimming at the pool. Instead we did the usual - relax at home and turn Tyson loose with a lighter and fireworks. The day turned out perfect!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Giants Baseball Game

I was in San Francisco this week and took advantage of the trip to attend a Giants game in their new ballpark. As you can see form the pictures, the seats were much better than the A's game I went to a few weeks ago (free vs. my paying for them). Its a great stadium even with the cold San Francisco evenings (everyone wore a coat). The Giants shut out the Marlins with Barry Zito pitching 8 1/3 strong innings and Juan Uribe hitting a two-run home run.