Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tyson Turns Eleven

Tyson celebrated his eleventh birthday today in grand style. After enduring a half day of school, his dad picked him up from school and took him to Mountain View Golf Course for his first ever round of golf. From his exceptional play you would have never guessed that this was his first time. I told him that I'd shot a 20 on the first hole of golf I ever played, so he was pleased that his first official score was a 13. On the first tee box he hit a 100 yard drive just off the edge of the primary cut of fairway. When my shot hit a tree 50 yards out, he said, "I don't feel so bad". After golf he opened presents and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse with his family and Grandpa Fogg. Cake and ice cream capped off the celebration.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overwhelming Firepower Merit Badget

For our activity this week, we worked on the "Overwhelming Firepower" Merit Badge. My assistant in the priest quorum is in the National Guard. You may remember a recent trip we made to learn about Apache attack helicopters. This week we loaded up on weapons including: .357 Magnum, (2) 9 mm, .22 rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, .30-.30 rifle and an AR-15. Tyson came along with the priests (he loves to shoot) and we all satisfied our lust for shooting stuff. The highlight for everyone was shooting the AR-15 which is a civilian, semi-automatic version of the M-16. I'm not sure there is a merit badge for what we did, but we sure had fun.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


It recently came to our attention that Taylor sent more than 13,000 texts the prior month. We're so proud of her dedication and commitment. To send that many text messages, you have to hit send every 199 seconds - more frequently if you sleep.

Saturday Morning Rugby

While the team won't be playing for the league championship this year, Darren continues to have fun and enjoy playing Rugby. They play every Saturday and only have a couple more games before the season is over. Check out the cool new uniforms that just arrived.
This player apparently had a bloody nose and asked his mom for something to stop the bleeding.
Darren has lost over 40 pounds since he started playing rubgy - way to go Darren.


On April 2 funeral services were performed for Kristi's mom Arleen. It was a beautiful, well attended memorial. The theme of service was evident throughout the speakers remarks, a tribute to Arleen's service that touched so many. Hilary performed two of her songs and performed remarkably as always. We appreciated her willingness to be there even though it meant skipping previously scheduled commitments. We are lucky to have such musical talent in the family.