Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Powell Time

It has been over a year since our last visit to Lake Powell. Even the kids, who are normally ambivalent to boating trips, we're extremely exited to go. For the first time, all four of them were anxious to try wake boarding which was music to Kristi's ears. It kills her that for so many years, she was the only one interested in wake boarding or water skiing.

This afternoon, all four of them strapped the board to their feet and Darren, Taylor and Camryn were all able to get up and stay up. We'll get Tyson out of the water tomorrow! We spent a big part of the day exploring canyons around Dangling Rope. One of our favorites is Cathedral Canyon which has some great rock formations and narrow passageways to explore. As usual, the weather has been great this week and we've been able to enjoy good water. We started boating on Tuesday and will hit the lake each day through Friday. Our good friends, Bart and Kyleen Plante and their kids came with us and are pictured in several of the pictures.

Yuba Lake

A couple of weeks ago we took the family and a couple of Darren's friends boating to Yuba Lake. We don't go there often (perhaps it is the perpetual wind) but wanted to go somewhere other than Jordanelle. Other than the windy conditions, we had a good time wake boarding and tubing. We tried out a new tube - pictured. The kids loved it.