Saturday, November 21, 2009

Benefit Concert

Last night's benefit concert and dinner was fabulous. Hilary put on a beautiful performance - if you haven't purchased her new Christmas CD you should get it to enjoy during the holiday season. A couple of friends from High School came to the event as well as business associates and long-time friends. Thanks to everyone for their support of the shelter which really is a worthy cause. It is easy to take for granted how blessed we are to having loving relationships and supportive families. As usual, the atmosphere and meal at LaCaille were top notch. During the holidays LaCaille decorates their grounds with lights that help bring extra holiday spirit.
Taylor came to the event with us this year and enjoyed the grown up food and her Aunt Hilary.
Jill Wankier and Michelle Warner, fellow Alaskans joined us for the evening.

Beautiful St. George

For the third consecutive year, I was required to work a Friday and Saturday in St. George. The first day of work was at Sunbrook and the second day at the Ledges. Our "work" sponsor was unable to go so I scrambled at the last minute to put together a team which included my cousin Glen and a couple of friends. For the two days our score was 21 under par. The "work" teams were broken into two flights with the winning score in the first flight 43 under par and the winning score in the second flight 30 under par. The weather was wonderful and has convinced me that we need to plan to purchase a second home here some day.

Uncle Jack joined us on the second day. He and Glen carried the team.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Greatest Birdie of My Life

First of all, this story will confirm how pathetic my golf accomplishments are. I'm in St. George this weekend to play in a golf tournament along with our good friend Bart, my cousin Glen and an associate from work. Bart and I drove down together and being early, we decided to get in nine holes of golf this afternoon at Green Springs. After an uneventful (double and triple bogeys aren't eventful) round I found myself with a 190 yard approach on the par four ninth hole. I pulled out my trusty four iron and hit a beautiful, hooking shot into a house about 50 yards from the green. The ball bounced off the house and to within two feet of the hole. I calmly tapped in for what was certainly the greatest birdie of my life.