Sunday, February 20, 2011

Salt Lake Temple

What a great day this was, taking our oldest son to the temple for the first time.  

Summer Pictures

We found these pictures from a family trip to Lagoon this last summer.  It was one of those rare days at the amuzement park where the lines were short and we could go from ride to ride.  In our family, Kristi is by far the most adventurous and daring.  She's never met a ride that intimidates her.  Massive drops, upside down loops, cork screws - bring 'em on.  Combine that with a warm day, multiple rides in succession and an increasing collecction of birthdays and you have a volatile combination.  After the fourth ride we exited to find Kristi giving back her breakfast to the amuzement park gods.  Camryn, who had just finished riding with her mom was grateful she made it to the garbage can.   

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't be Jealous

We all have a friend or family member (Heather) who takes a picture of some fabulous place they are visiting with their feet in the foreground.  It's usually a picture of some warm place with a pool or the beach inviting you to join them.  But alas you can't because you have work tomorrow or your vacation was last month and you have nothing to look forward to for at least another year.

We'll, here is how I spent my Saturday morning - don't be jealous...