Thursday, January 27, 2011


What a game!  What a crowd!  A taste of the craziness from BYU's victory over SDSU.

Thanks to Matt for gettting the tickets. 

The evening started with Matt calling ahead to the Brick Oven and making a reservation (at a restaurant that doesn't take reservations) using the name Fredette.  We walked into a crowed lobby and were seated immediately. 

I took Tyson to the BYU bookstore before the game and decked him out in BYU gear.  I was part of the intervention process (Tyson is a closet Ute).  He enjoyed the game and started to think maybe he could be a Cougar fan.  As much as he enjoyed the game, he liked best the high fives from the coeds as we walked to our car. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jr. Jazz Basketball

Tyson loves basketball.  Between Jr. Jazz and church basketball, he keeps himself busy on the courts.  His Jr. Jazz team is 6-0 this season after winning their game on Saturday.  We're not sure what the final score was as they turned off the scoreboard after his team took a 20 point lead.  He's a good re-bounder and scorer.  He played his best defensive game of the year on Saturday, moving well and keeping the other team from penetrating. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Say Hello to our Little Friend

Tyson's best friend is Tristan Spoerri.  If Tristan has Cheerios for breakfast, Tyson want Cheerios.  If Tristan cheers for the Utes, Tyson cheers for the Utes (with strong objection from his father).  Tristan has a bearded dragon lizard, so Tyson asked for one for Christmas.  The juvenile lizards are about six inches long, but they grow to about 20" long.  They eat lots of crickets and mill worms.  He lets you hold him and doesn't run or jump out of your hand.  We are all having a great time with him.

By the way, he asked for a Utah Utes jacket for Christmas and lets just say there are some things a father must put his foot down on.