Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keith Urban Concert

If you are a country music fan and have a chance to attend Keith Urban's concert, you must do so. Kristi and I attended his concert in SLC this past week and it was excellent. We loved his music and were impressed with his ability to entertain. By the end of the show he had the entire crowd at Energy Solutions Arena in a frenzy. Early in the show he crossed the arena through the crowd on the floor. As people reached to touch him, a platform and railing on the end of the arena tipped over and about eight people fell head first to the arena floor. Several people had to be administered first aid and Keith stopped the concert briefly to make sure the injuries weren't serious.

First Day of High School

Our sweet daughter Taylor is now a high school student. This picture was captured while taking her on her first day. She is attending Bingham High School just like her older brother. We are sure proud of her!