Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

The last two days have been more like the Lake Powell we've come to love.  The sun returned bringing with it near 100 degree temperatures.  We've kept busy:
  • Wakeboarding - Taylors friend Jayden came along and wakeboarded for her first time.
  • Tubing - Tyson, Camryn and Jayden had the longest tube ride in family history riding the tube all the way from beyond the San Juan Arm of Lake Powell to warm creek - about 45 miles.
  • Swimming - If our bodies could become water-logged, ours would be.  You've got to keep cool.
  • Touring - we've seen some great areas of the lake, some which have opened up now that the water level is about 25 feet higher than last year.  We visited our favorite canyon - Cathedral, and explored a new one - Twilight.  
  • Relaxing - we always find some good shade to relax under mid-day while we have lunch and take a break from the other fun.

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Mom N said...

Looks like a whole bunch of fun in the sun. I am jealous!