Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family Home Evening at the ER

We had finished our "Sub for Santa" shopping and were rewarding ourselves with a trip to Chili's.  Who doesn't like Chili's?  We like it so much we were willing to wait 30+ minutes.  We finally got our table, the waitress took our order and had just delivered the chips and salsa and asked if I'd like another Diet Coke when Taylor's phone rang.  It was Tyson who has opted to spend the evening with friends.  He thought he might have broken his arm and needed us to come get him.  A quick vote was taken as to whether we would finish dinner or go get him with the restaurant manager casting the tie breaking vote.  After assuring us that our food could be prepared for take home we packed back up in the car and went to pick up Tyson.

Turns out he is not much of a roller skater.  After lacing them up for the first time in his life he headed for the floor and braced himself with his left arm.  The floor won and by the time we got there it looked like the entire Golden Eagle District of eagle scouts had been at Classic Skating.  He sat there in a wheel chair.  Arm splinted and wrapped and in a make shift sling.  Tyson must not have been the first person to leave Classic Skate in wheel chair.

We've made many trips to the emergency room; this was the first trip with the whole family.  Taylor set the proper tone by suggesting we say a family prayer for Tyson which she offered.  It helps to have a sister with great faith.

It also helps to have a father and siblings who believe that laughter is the best medicine.  We proceeded to crack jokes which we thought were funny.  Tyson and the medical personnel didn't laugh as much.  Fun was had by all. 

Turns out he broke one of the bones in his forearm.  The compression break didn't dislocate the bone so it looks like all he'll need is to have it cast.  They put on a hard splint and we were home within three hours.  For those wondering, the take home food was still tasty when we got home.  He has to go in Monday or Tuesday to have a permanent cast put on. 

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